20 Tips – How to Write Press Release

Press Release a stuff you write about your company that can be used directly for releasing on Press/Media/Online News. TO know more about Press Release check this out . Below are some Tip and suggestion for you write a awesome press release and get the journalists attention instantly.Press-Release-tips[1]

  1. News release headlines should have a “grabber” to attract journalists
  2. Head Line should be bold but don’t make every word capitalized
  3. Title of Press Release should have the keywords that you are using to market your business, so that if somebody searches for your product they will be able to get the news.
  4. Display company name and contact number above the Headline/Title
  5. The press release should be written as you want it to appear in a news story.
  6. It should be written as a third person. Ex: Dont: I am Entrepreneur and i Have a Startup; DO: He is an Entrepreneur and have a Great Startup ? Never use “I” or “WE”.
  7. Make your story interesting from the first line itself -Attention grabber. Work really hard on it.
  8. Avoid using long sentences and paragraphs
  9. Avoid repetition fancy words and big business jargon
  10.  Communicate the 5 Ws (and the H) clearly. Who, what, when, where, why, and how should tell the reader everything they need to know. Of course in an elegant manner.
  11. Communicate the kind of product or people, your news is going to effect.
  12. Read lot of news on well established news portal and understand the news writing styles and format
  13. If the press release is for immediate release, you may write “IMMEDIATE RELEASE” in all caps on the left margin, directly above the headline.(say your news is about an event your company is hosting and is time bound)
  14. Include a “call to action” in your release. Give information on what you want the public to do with the information that you are releasing. If  you want them to buy your product then include information on where the product is available. Website link If you want them to visit your Website.
  15. Best will be to copy your press release as e-mail (not as attachment) and send it to journalists or news wires. Other options are Fax and snail mail.
  16. If you ‘have to’ send as an attachment then use plain text file, Word doc too works sometimes but some journalist don’t have these latest versions or upgrades so stick to .doc instead of .docx
  17. Never send a scanned copy (PR written in companies letter head) of your Press Release
  18. Over all it should finish in min 500 to max 900 words.
  19. Always store your press release on your website and give a link back in your mail so that jounalist have easy access to your data as well as your release.
  20. Very Important – The reporter isn’t interested in helping you make money or driving visitors to your site. He/she’s looking for a story that will be interesting to his/her readers and pleasing to his editor. He could care less about your great selection, super customer service and commitment to quality. He wants to know only the info that will help him craft a good story about how it will effect his/her audience. so keep your habit of sell,sell sell out of it.

Last but not the least you can write a great PR but Press release distribution, does not guarantee that your release will get utilized by the media. Press release submissions are part of a process, and should be viewed as a complement to other marketing efforts such as advertising, search engine optimization, live publicity, etc.

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