Write a Killer Startup Press Release in 7 Steps

Founder Institute ImageYour startup may developed an amazing product or service, but now that it’s built, what do you do now?

You let the world know about your launch, that’s what. But in the world of social media and short attention spans, your company’s launch is sure to be drowned out in all the noise. That is, if you don’t announce properly.

And that’s why Conrad Egusa[1] has outlined everything a startup needs to do to compose the perfect press release in just 7 steps. For those of you not familiar with Conrad, he is the Founder & CEO of Publicize[2] and CEO & Co-Founder of ESPACIO[3], as well as a top Founder Institute Mentor specializing in PR and media.

The blog post, “PR For Startups: The Art of the Press Release in 7 Steps[4]“, originally appeared on the 500 Startups blog[5] and has been republished below with permission.

“So you have a startup and it’s high time everyone else knew about it, right?

Maybe you have a new product, or a re-launch or some other event that is going to put your company on the map. But what is the goal of PR? And how can you channel your efforts into reaching that goal? Let’s see if we can’t answer these all important questions.

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