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Do you offer more services?

Yes, we are a full fledged PR agency that caters to startups. We now focus on startups from tech and other industries like fashion, media, health, entertainment, etc. Our services include press release creation and distribution, media kit creation, email pitching journalists on behalf of our clients, following up and ensuring they receive press coverage, Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Why should I do my own PR?

The biggest reason why we advocate for Do-It-Yourself PR for startups is to ensure that the startup founder is the face of the company in the press. It is only the founder that can tell the story of the company better. It also saves a lot on agency costs. However, conducting the whole PR process is not a cup of tea for some founders and a lot of startup teams. Therefore, we also offer supplemental agency services for startups to ensure that the process of looking for media coverage is properly handled while they focus on building the product to be better.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. Once you sign up, you are not tied to any binding agreements or contracts, you can cancel whenever you want to.

Will pressfarm write an article about my startup?

Yes, but only in the Campaign plan shall we write and post to our blog which receives thousands of visitors per month. The plan goes for $279 per year. We write a feature length article of upto 1500 words, publish it on our blog, our popular Medium channel, and share it across our social media networks to over 155,000 followers. We ensure that your feature article is shared in our newsletter too. And we have a lot of subscribers, over 20,000 to be precise.

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