How to write a press release about your startup funding announcement

Securing funding for your startup is a major milestone worthy of high-fives and a little bubbly.

But the grind doesn’t stop once you’ve landed a big investment. In order to maximize news coverage, solidify your credibility in the industry, and, let’s be honest, boast your success, it’s crucial to write a press release about your startup funding announcement. 

A press release is just one piece of the larger campaign around your funding announcement, but it’s an essential one nonetheless. It may seem like something you can quickly whip together, but a press release needs to be well thought out and carefully crafted to ensure you don’t miss any key information that reporters will want to know about. 

Here are the key elements that go into writing a press release around your startup funding announcement: 

Talk to key startup leaders 

Before you can start writing, it’s essential to talk to the startup founders and leaders to get talking points for the announcement and help provide the framework for the overall release.  

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