How to write a press release about your startup funding announcement

Gather information on key investors 

As this is an announcement about startup funding, it only makes sense to include info on the key players. Aside from the actual funding numbers, information on the VCs involved is something that reporters will want to know right away so it’s important to include this talking point early on in the press release. 

Be sure to list every VC involved in the funding as well as their respective funding levels. It’s crucial to ensure that you get this information correct and don’t leave anyone out as any misinformation will only reflect poorly on the startup.[2] 

If you can, it would also be a good idea to get a quote from the lead VC investor. Getting an investor to speak to why they chose to invest in the startup can further build the credibility of the funding and help round out the announcement nicely. 

Effective headline

Arguably the most important element of a press release is the headline. This is the first thing the media will see, so it needs to pull them in and immediately let them know what the announcement is about. 

When crafting the headline, keep it short. The headline should sum up the major points: who and what. Lead with the startup name, followed by the amount of funding, and use active verbs. You can write the headline first to give direction to your release, but just remember to go back and consider how to refine it to be even more effective. 

If you’re unsure about how effective the headline is, shop it around to your key marketing or communications colleagues to see what kind of impact it has and if the right message is coming across. 

Efficient intro

Try not to give too much information away in your press release’s introductory paragraph. Too often inexperienced writers will stuff way too much information into the first paragraph. It’s better to keep your intro brief with just enough information to keep the journalist interested in learning more. Repeat such key details as funding amount, what kind of funding it was (e.g., Series A), a brief description of your startup and its key offering, as well as which VC firm was the lead investor.

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