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As a last resort, most publications will have a submission form on their website or a general email address. But we find this method to be the least effective.

How to write a pitch email 

This is often the most overlooked part, but it’s actually the most important. Most journalists receive hundreds of emails a day, so if you write a poor email pitch it’ll most likely get deleted without them even bothering to read the press release.

So keep it snappy, concise, and on point. And whatever you do, don’t be too salesy or promotional. Here’s how to structure the pitch when you send a press release via email:

  • Email Subject: State your release intention (e.g. “Immediate release” or “Exclusive”) followed by the journalist’s name, then an intriguing title based on the press release title
  • The Opener: 3 to 4 lines introducing the company and an overview of the announcement. Include hyperlinks to the company website.
  • The Angle: 3 to 4 bullet points explaining why this is interesting. Provide social proof (with hyperlinks) to sources that support your angle, such as data points that highlight a problem this announcement will help to solve.
  • The Wrap-up: Offer to answer any questions and state that “I’ve included the full press in this email”

You can either attach the press release to the email or copy-and-paste it underneath your sign off, within the body of the email.

Here’s an example of what the email pitch should look like (We’ve also included an email pitch template in our Startup Press Release Toolkit[11]).

Dear [JOURNALIST NAME]I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep this brief. AI For Everyone, an award-winning and VC backed global data management tech startup, is launching the first-ever white-label data science platform to help businesses build scalable and cost-effective AI solutions.

I thought this would be of interest to you, as you’ve recently written a number of stories about the data science industry and startups. Here are the key points of AI For Everyone’s new platform:

  • This cost-effective service is available to companies of all sizes, which will help unlock and democratize access to AI, to enterprises who were previously locked out from this technology due to the high price of entry   
  • The Global Data Science Platform is growing rapidly, with last year’s growth rate running at 40%, and the estimated market value now stands at $500 billion. This new platform is poised to leverage this.
  • AI For Everyone has been built around the philosophy of open data for everyone and this announcement marks an important step towards their goal of harnessing the power of data to improve businesses and society.

Attached is the full press release. If you would like any more information or to speak to the team directly, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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