PR for Startups: The 10 Step Process I Use to Get Press (2018 Update)

Subject: Got a poll for you: Which Foursquare logo do you prefer?

Hey Chris-

Made a poll for your article asking which Foursquare logo people like the best. Check it, might be fun to get your readers more involved and get more readers to come back to the article:[35]

Here are how these polls look like live:[36]


Template 3: The personal angle pitch

Got an interesting backstory? Share it. Even if you think you’ve had a pretty ho-hum life, journalists eat up details like the formative experiences that inspired a startup founder to create his company.

Personal details make the perfect hook for articles. Maybe you ran a successful crowdfunding campaign for your first venture in high school? As a founder, if you’ve got a life’s worth of Kodak moments, it really helps the journalist see your story potential.

Subject: Got a good story for your article about the extremes entrepreneurs go (involves not showering much)

Hey X-

Saw on Twitter you’re writing an article about the extremes entrepreneurs go to bootstrap their startups.

I’ve got a good one for you. I actually slept in my car while I ran around pitching investors.

My gamble (and slightly less frequent showers!) paid off. I secured a $100K lifeline, giving my company enough runway to takeoff.

Happy to provide a few solid insights about how to decide if a big sacrifice like this is worth it.

If interested, I can provide the rest of the details,

Thank you.


Template 4: The innovative product angle

This angle works if you just launched an innovative technology which solves a complex problem that affects a substantive number of people. By complex problems, think cheap to launch satellites, algorithms to automatically approve/reject small business loans. For instance, your technology enables crowdfunding sites to update their information in real time.

If your product is not innovative in this regard, fret not. There are plenty of other compelling angles you can pitch your company from.

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