PR for Startups: The 10 Step Process I Use to Get Press (2018 Update)

  • Are these patterns played out in real life dating choices?
  • Or are online daters, who can ‘window shop’ a lot more options, more selective?

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Template 7: Interesting context angle

If your company is working in an interesting or trending space, spell out the connection.

For instance, blockchain startups are trending in 2018 because this technology is used as a digital ledger for cryptocurrencies – a very interesting subject for journalists!

While some journalists may not wish to write an article solely about your company, they may mention it as an example of a broader phenomenon.

For example, another hot-button issue right now is online privacy. Let’s say you make an IP mask tool. You can bring up people’s growing anxiety over who is collecting their data and how it may be being used.

Company: Startup about matching you with a personal tour guide

Context: In the age of mass consumption and automation, people are increasingly seeking one-on-one connections with other human beings and experiences customized to their interests.

Subject: How our product plans to replace food

Hey Journalist,

I’ve been following your articles for a while – very cutting cultural analyses. Loved your recent one about eating insects as a substitute for meat protein – think all it needs is an image makeover to overcome the ick factor.

Wanted you to introduce you to another food substitute we recently launched – in the form of a nutritional drink. It provides 2600 healthy calories a day and makes eating super affordable and convenient. Step 1: blend with water or milk. Step 2: Drink up and feel full.

For the average four-member American family: $154.62 per month on Soylent versus $584 on groceries.

Interesting angle to explore: Soylent’s role in the life-hacking movement.

If this is a good fit, let me know.


Template 8: The local angle

As mentioned earlier, local publications are much easier to break into because:

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