PR for Startups: The 10 Step Process I Use to Get Press (2018 Update)

Here are some key findings:

  • 81% of journalists prefer pitches over email
  • Most writers publish one story per day, 44% of them get pitched a minimum of 20 times a day.
  • 39% are looking for exclusive research to publish
  • 64% said it was moderately to very important to establish a personal connection before pitching
  • 69% prefer a pitch in the morning

Here is the entire slidedeck detailing the findings:

Think of an angle you can present your company from or a context you can place your company or brand in.

Company: Car sharing app
Angle: People are much more comfortable about sharing items with strangers these days
Context: Sharing economy

Most journalists don’t just write pieces about your company and what it does. That’s called…an ad. What they will do is use your company as the jumping off point into a story about the space you operate in or what implications your product/service has for your audience and society at large.

OK, here is the moment most of you have been waiting for:

Email Pitch Templates Which I Like to Use

(some of these come from a dear friend of mine over at ArtOfEmails[32]):

Template 1: If your company does work in an exciting space which has been in the news lately

Subject: Re: [The title of their related article from your contact list]

Hey X-

My name is [first name] from [company name]. After reading your article [story.title] I thought your readers might be interested to hear more about [topic from their article which relates to what you’re pitching] since the subject of [general topic from the article] has been in the news lately. Looking over your past articles, it seems you cover [topic from the article] a lot.

We have some [insert your news/study] which relate directly to your interests. I wanted to send you some info on this topic. Would you be interested?


Your full name

Contact details

Template 2: If your company makes a product that can be used in articles or websites

When I did marketing for Polar (acquired by Google), I pitched journalists on embedding Polar’s opinion polls into their breaking news articles to significantly boost their audience engagement. It went quite well; Polar was acquired by Google[33] as a result of this type of pitching. Here is the pitch angle[34] I used:

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